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I am a creative professional based out of Cincinnati, OH with more than 8 years of experience in broadcasting, marketing, video production, creative direction, and voice work. I founded the network of podcasts and other media in 2011, and I worked at Epipheo, Inc. for 6 years.

I am available for freelance writing, research, copy editing, script consulting, voice work, or audio editing.

Tweets and social media posts may contain explicit language.





I am the founder and operator of the network of podcasts about video games, comedy, and culture.

I host shows, edit shows, promote the network on social media, handle operational and administrative details (website, hosting, financial, etc.), visual asset design, video editing.

Facts about

  • 10 active shows.

  • 500,000+ downloads per month.

  • 80+ days of audio content released.

  • 400+ video games covered in depth.

  • $35,000+ raised for charitable causes.

  • 8+ expo, convention, or live show appearances.

  • listener-supported through Patreon

I can consult with you or your company about podcasting, crowdfunding, or social media. I can also provide audio editing services.



A weekly in-depth video game review podcast. Think of this as a book club, but for games. Co-hosted with Gary Butterfield, and established in 2011. Listen.


A book club podcast about the Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King, and its related works. Hosted with a rotating panel of guests, and established in 2016. Listen.


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A comedy podcast about the Monstrous Manual and other table top role playing bestiaries. Co-hosted with Gary Butterfield, and established in 2016. Listen.


A weekly video game roundtable discussion, featuring news and gameplay impressions. Hosted with Dennis Furia, Ben Merkel, David Moneysmith, and Jala Prendes, and established in 2013. Listen.


A comedy podcast about bad and bizarre games. This is fast, loose, and often very vulgar. Co-hosted with Gary Butterfield, and established in 2013. Listen.


An in-depth analysis and discussion of the Dark Souls series of video games by From Software. Co-hosted with Gary Butterfield and featuring guests from across the video game industry. Established in 2013, and retired in 2017. Listen.


A comedy podcast about weird news and social trends. Co-hosted with Kristopher Ross, and established in 2010. Listen.

Listening to each episode felt like being taken on a guided tour by a couple of smart, funny, and energetic young historians.
— Jason Killingsworth, "You Died: The Dark Souls Companion"
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From 2011 to 2018 worked as a creative professional at Epipheo, Inc., one of the world's foremost digital video marketing agencies.

Over that time I functioned in many different roles, with an emphasis on verbal and visual storytelling to create original content, and content for hundreds of clients. My videos have garnered millions of views for the clients I worked with.

Responsibilities and Capabilities

  • Script writing and editing.

  • Story planning, concepting, and ideation.

  • Project management and creative team leading.

  • Research and discovery.

  • Voice acting, voiceover, and narration.

  • Social media campaigns and promotion.


These videos are the property of Epipheo, and I use them with attribution. Click each thumbnail to see my role in each video's creation.

There are other videos that I cannot show publicly for contractual reasons. A more full-featured private portfolio is coming soon.

I would like to work with you!

I am offering the following services on a freelance basis.

  • Script or copy writing.

  • Script or copy editing.

  • Voiceover, narration, or voice acting (I have a full-featured studio in my home and can do this remotely).

  • Client research or discovery.

  • General creative services for video or marketing.





Use the form below if you would like to contact me about freelance work opportunities, my shows, or subjects of general curiosity.